Bill Cosby Went After Vulnerable Women From Model Agency

It seems comedian Bill Cosby recruited the type of girls he wanted for his own personal preference. In a newly revealed deposition, Cosby testified that the girls he wanted, should be from out of town and be “financially not doing well.” Cosby sought young fashion models from New York model agent Sue Charney, meeting from around twenty to thirty women through her, he reportedly testified. A former model of the agency, Jewel Allison, made statements about the Cosby situation Thursday, claiming she was one of Cosby’s victims. She said, “He just ordered 20 or 30 models from Sue Charney like he was ordering Chinese food. You don’t order human beings like that. You don’t summon young women and girls to your home or dressing room for sexual exploitation.”

Back in November, Allison said in a interview, the comedian slipped something into her wine during a meeting at his New York home in the late 1980s and then sexually assaulted her. Both her and model Janice Dickinson claim they were drugged and sexually assaulted by Cosby in the 1980s. “If he really was asking (Charney) for girls from out of town or girls without much money, that sounds pretty predatory to me,” Allsion said Thursday. “That sounds like he’s looking for vulnerable young woman that he felt he could impress in order to place them in situations in which he could benefit in a sexual manner.”

Other details exposed from the recently popularized deposition revealed that Cosby testified he wanted the young models to privately dine with him in his dressing room at the set of “The Cosby Show,” as he claimed the meals were like “a present” for the innocent models and it was something that helped Charney, who is now dead, keep the models as clients. Allison said it “hurts very much” to think Charney granted Cosby’s strange requests.

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