Bill Hudson Slams Children, Kate and Oliver

Photo Credit: Morguefile

Photo Credit: Morguefile

It’s like if Annie didn’t have a happy ending. Bill Hudson, the biological father of actors Kate and Oliver, disowned his two children recently. He claims that his two children with actor Goldie Hawn are “dead” to him. It’s heartbreaking.

Bill finally responded to Oliver (Dawson’s Creek) and his Instagram post on Fathers’ Day. Oliver referred to the holiday, in his case, as “Abandonment Day.” In his response, he explained that two of his five children were no more than perhaps memories to him now. These words and actions are completely unforgivable.

As far as the press has been able to see, Kate and Oliver’s relationship with their father has always been strained or limited. But Bill, 65, took his son’s Instagram post a little too harshly. They didn’t have a relationship, and that was supposedly decided. Right?

Apparently, not according to Bill. He told Daily Mail that Oliver’s post was like “a dagger to the heart.” He said he doesn’t want to see Oliver or Kate again and that any relationship he may have had with them is over.

“I no longer recognize Oliver and Kate as my own,” he remarked.

This is already terrible, but it gets worse. Bill wants Oliver and Kate to legally change their last name so they’re not associated with him anymore. They consider Hawn’s longtime partner, Kurt Russell, as their father and have for years.

Despite the estranged relationship among the three Hudsons, we anticipate this news will be hard for Kate and Oliver to hear. We stand by the actors in this trying time.

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2 Responses to Bill Hudson Slams Children, Kate and Oliver

  1. Debra says:

    Agree that privacy things should ideally remain private, regarding of a persons profession, the responsibility of a parent is to always behave as the older more reasonable individual. Consider it the “curse” of parenthood.

  2. Gail Scudieri says:

    If Bill Hudson was an absent dad, let’s decide that he’s a jerk..However, when Oliver Hudson decided to publicly call him out in the manner that he did, he made a jerk of himself…Oliver Hudson should have kept his private business private..Sure, Bill Hudson’s remarks were harsh, but so were Oliver’s..All parties involved are a bunch of Hollywood idiots looking for press..

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