Bobby Shmurdas GS9 Crew Member Gets 98 1/3 Years and 53 1/3 Years in Prison

Photo Credit: Getty Images/THZ Library

Photo Credit: Getty Images/THZ Library

“I’m with Trigga, I’m with Rasha I’m with A-Rod…..Broad daylight and we gon let them thangs brawl…” – Hot Nigga, Bobby Shmurda

Since Bobby Shmurda’s arrest in 2014 for a number of crimes he allegedly committed with his GS9 Crew members that occurred in East Flatbush NY, leaves two more of his GS9 homies Rashid “Rasha” Derissant age 24 and Alex “A-Rod” Crandon age 22 with lengthy life sentences behind bars for allegedly committing murder, attempted murder, and a number of conspiracies. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Abraham Clott served “Rasha” with 98 1/3 years and “A-Rod” got 53 1/3 years. The judge was more concerned with the well-being of the Brooklyn neighbor hood then “A-Rod” saying he would turn his life around and raise his daughter. I can understand both plights. On December 17 2014 Ackquille Pollard aka Bobby Shmurda was arrested in Manhattan outside of Quad Studios, you may be familiar with the name because Tupac was shot in front of the same studio. They are being called lead suspects to drug trafficking and shootings that happened in Brooklyn. The police have ended up with 21 guns from the crew during the investigation. That seems to be enough guns to run ballistics on. If they didn’t have a case such as much, I doubt the prosecutor would move forward with such allegations. They have the weapons and incidents and lyrics of Bobby Shmurda to tie together to get a conviction. Bobby’s lawyer Howard Greenberg called the indictment “a worthless piece of paper.” We will see. Bobby inherited straight hood cred once the fans realized and Bobby told NY Magazine “My music is all facts.” Did Bobby tell too much of the truth tho? This (violence, sex, drugs) being what sells hip-hop today and what is happening to be the thing that is making this trial so hard for Bobby and his crew.

Bobby Shmurda was arrested along with 13 other GS9 members or those thought to be affiliated with them. The prosecutors obviously broke down Bobby Shmurda’s rap lyrics with trying to decipher the supposedly illegal dealings of GS9 Bobby’s Label and also Notorious Brooklyn street Gang “Gun Squad 9.” Though these lyrics may just be fabrications of Bobby’s imagination, it didn’t stop Judge Abraham Clott from sentencing two of his GS9 homies he referred to in his song “Hot Ni**a.” Yep, “Rasha” and “A-Rod.” How many more of the GS9 crew will receive these sentences? This song was the talk of the summer and everyone was doing the dance, now we look at the 20-year-old rapper in hope he will be able to rekindle something of the life that he may have to leave behind. Watch the “Hot Nigga” video here: #FreeBobbyShmurda “Hot Nigga” Video Bobby Shmurda ft GS9 Crew

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