Bridezilla? No Way, Make Way For Groomzilla, Kanye West

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We’ve heard of “Bridezillas”, hell we even have a show depicting just how far brides go before their wedding, but like the unique person he is you know Kanye West had to be the first “Groomzilla.”

Weddings are stressful enough but now imagine the groom of a wedding telling you different locations to avoid having the real location leaked. That is exactly what the future Mr. Kardashian is doing. He is annoying guests by refusing to tell them the exact location of the wedding this weekend.

An insider told, that West is becoming increasingly paranoid about information being leaked. He is telling all the guests different information to keep them off track. The insider says, “Everyone is annoyed and confused. Kanye is furious about the leaks. He’s acting paranoid and wants to know who he can trust. So he is telling some guests one plan, and other guests another plan. He is totally messing with everyone.”

The couple is flying family and friends out to Paris for a pre-wedding party on Friday and the wedding on Saturday. They are insisting on confiscating all mobile devices for both events, for security reasons of course.

It is reported, that the couple will be issuing temporary handsets to the guests, but this is causing major unrest with relatives. Many are complaining they do not know what country they will be in or even know if they will be able to get in touch. The couple originally planned on getting married in Paris, but French law mandates that they have to live in the country for 40 days prior to the wedding, so they were unable to do so.

However in good old Kanye fashion, the future Mr. Kardashian is convinced he can persuade French officials to allow them some leniency on the law, simply because of who they are.

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