Canadian Guy’s Actual ‘Man Cave’ In Woods Leads To Terror Investigation

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Elton McDonald may have taken the phrase “man cave” a bit far…

He built a 30-foot tunnel in the woods near where he lives in Toronto, and authorities assumed it had a much more sinister meaning than he intended.

“It was not meant as a bad thing. It was just something I always wanted to do…I knew I could do it. It was kind of a fun project for me and some friends,” McDonald explained to the Toronto Sun.

MTV News reports that police found the tunnel back in January, after it had already been there for two years. Parts of it ran near York University and a major tennis venue; authorities began speculating that it may have been some sort of terrorism bunker linked to plans for the PanAm Games.

“I was going to expand it to have a couple of rooms. I was hoping to put in a TV. I did some barbecuing there. It was more a place to hang out,” 22-year-old McDonald said.

“They were saying it was a terror tunnel, for crime or connecting to Al-Shabaab, and I didn’t know what to do,” he added.

The cave took five months to dig, using equipment that he borrowed from his boss at his construction company. McDonald has been fined $800, which his boss may just help him pay.

Unfortunately for McDonald and his underground dreams, the cave has been filled in, presumably because of the investigation.

“It was a secret for sure but it was not built for nefarious reasons. It was a place that no one knew about,” McDonald said, admitting he’s “sad” it had to go.

He should probably stick to just putting a nice flat screen in his garage like most men do.

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