Charlie Sheen’s Father Reveals Son Was Taking Steroids

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It’s assumed by many that Charlie Sheen was consuming some type of drug during his phase, after he was removed from the famous show, Two And A Half Men, but it may come as a shock to what Sheen’s father revealed what he was taking. Charlie Sheen’s father, Martin Sheen, recently sat down with Radio Times, and shed some light about the entire meltdown that started all the way back in 2011. Martin said he felt “powerless” while watching his son deal with his issues. “What he was going through at that time, we were powerless to do much. Except to pray for him and lift him up”, Martin Sheen told Times. “You try to be as present as possible. But you have to be aware of the circumstances. You have to be aware of many things that the public is not aware of”. Martin Sheen even revealed that his son was taking steroids after his public meltdown, which led to him being fired from “Two and a Half Men.”

Right after Charlie Sheen was fired, he then began a comedy stand-up tour, called “My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option”. His father says “He was in a very desperate situation. And he was doing what he felt would get him out of it – going public. And it was very painful. No less painful for him”. Sheen said all he could do was tell his son that he loved him, which is what most parents can only do in a situation like this. “You can assure them you’re there and you love them, but you cannot effect change. That’s your ego, for the most part. You pray for a moment of clarity, you trust in a higher power and you never, ever give up hope. Because that is a measure of despair”.

Martin Sheen joined his son to come out with a show called “Anger Management”, which debuted a year after his son’s meltdown. “Anger Management didn’t set the bar that high,” Sheen honestly admitted. “I was delighted to work with Charlie – I adore him, and he asked me to do it. But we all knew that it was pulled together very quickly to get Charlie (involved), rather than to have a more interesting theme. It was too surface”. The show was eventually canceled in December of 2014.

It’s surprising to see Martin Sheen reveal all this information, but after reading what he said, it’s obvious that he passionately cares about his son. Martin Sheen has gone through his own struggles in past years, including taking drugs himself. His experiences can help relate with his sons and can be used to help benefit the both of them. Hopefully Charlie Sheen can make a huge turn in his life, and his father should be there with him every step of the way.

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