Consensus Thus Far On Sochi: YUCK!

Photo By gripper of

Photo By gripper of

As you all already know, it’s Russia’s turn to host the Winter Olympic Games. However, thus far, Russia is definitely dropping the ball.

First everyone was concerned about terroristic threats, homophobic attacks and diplomatic tensions. But now, as we are days away from the event, journalists are tweeting disturbing images of woefully unprepared hotel rooms.

Many have reported unavailable rooms – even though said rooms have been booked months in advance – and destroyed or largely incomplete rooms if available. Stacy St. Clair (@StacyStClair) has even tweeted images of dirty water that “contains something very dangerous,” as she was told by hotel staff.

Russia has also angered animal rights activists when Vladmir Putin sanctioned action to be taken on the city’s overwhelming population of stray dogs. And by “action” I mean the animals are being fed poison and left to die in the street in order to make the city more “presentable”. Yes, colonies of dead dogs are what will appease the new visitors. Great idea! NYC are you taking notes?

Keep all of this in mind when you think about the fact that the Sochi Olympics have spent a record breaking $51 billion dollars in order to set the stage for the 2014 games.



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