Curt Schilling Gets Disrespectful Twitter Users Suspended And Fired

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As we previously reported, Former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling probably didn’t expect the awful after-effects of an innocent congratulatory tweet to his daughter, but he certainly acted as a father should in the end. Some Twitter users sent vulgar, graphic tweets aimed at his daughter, which Schilling was understandably angered by. He posted screenshots of the sexually explicit tweets to his blog, outing the names and occupations of some of the offenders.

“The ignorance and pathetic lack of morals or of any integrity is astounding,” Schilling wrote. “A mistake is tweeting once and saying ‘damn, I’m an idiot’ and taking it down. These guys? They’re making conscious choices to cyberbully an amazing and beautiful young woman on the internet, that none of them know by the way, because they don’t like her dad or they somehow think saying words you can teach a 5 year old is tough? Cool? Bad ass?”

The Huffington Post reports that, as a result of Schilling speaking out, a couple of the users have experienced some well-deserved consequences.

One, a DJ for the student radio station at Brookdale Community College, has been suspended from the school, and the administration has confirmed that he is being investigated by local police.

Another, a Montclair State University student, was fired from the Yankees, where he worked part-time selling tickets.

It’s a lesson that apparently needs to be continually drilled into people’s minds–yes, you’re free to express your opinions and what have you on social media, but there is absolutely no excuse for abusing another person, especially in the disgraceful way outlined above.

Be better than that.

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