Debra Messing Talks Kissing on ‘Will and Grace’

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Debra Messing will flat out tell you if your kissing is sub-par. She revealed this in an interview on Watch What Happens Live. Messing, who played awkward, interior decorator Grace Adler on sitcom Will and Grace admitted that she didn’t like kissing Jeremy Piven on set. Apparently, he got a little too passionate when the two locked lips on the show back in 2000.

Messing did say that her favorite guest star was Harry Connick, Jr., who played Grace’s husband, Leo. Andy Cohen, the host of Watch What Happens Live, wondered if Bobby Cannavale was her least favorite guest star. Cannavale played Will’s (Eric McCormack) boyfriend on the show near its end. Messing was up in arms at that suggestion.

“No!” she exclaimed. “We loved each other. You know who, at the time, I wasn’t a big fan of? Jeremy Piven.”

Piven appears in the third season of Will and Grace as one of Grace’s former boyfriends. He asks Grace if she’d like to partake in a threesome with him and his new girlfriend. Grace agrees to it, but she bails in the end.

Messing remembers, “He shoved his tongue all the way down to my heart.”

It doesn’t sound romantic. It sounds painful. Like, really painful.

Apparently, it wasn’t just the kiss that was bad. It was Piven’s attitude. Messing was understandably taken aback and a little offended.

“He was like, ‘That’s it, I’m in,’” Messing recalls. She reminded him that in comedy, that’s not how actors kiss. He didn’t listen to her and kissed her that deeply every single time.

Author’s Note: I wouldn’t want to kiss the bully from 1986’s Lucas, either.

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