Demi Lovato Slams Lady Gaga For ‘Glamorizing Eating Disorders’ During Her SXSW Performance

Photo Credit: THZ

Photo Credit: THZ

Demi Lovato is not happy with Lady Gaga’s on-stage vomiting stunt at the SXSW music festival on Thursday, and has even accused the “Born This Way” singer of glamorizing eating disorders. Lovato had undergone treatment back in 2010 for an eating disorder.

She tweeted this after Gaga’s controversial performance: “Sad…As if we didn’t have enough people glamorizing eating disorders already. Bottom Line, it’s not ‘cool’ or ‘artsy’ at all.”

One user had tweeted in reply that Gaga has also suffered from an eating disorder, and talked about it before the performance.

Lovato fired back with a tweet that said, “So it’s cool if I do a speech about self-harm and then proceed to watch someone cut themselves on my stage? No. That doesn’t make it OKAY.”

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What exactly happened during Gaga’s performance? Well, Gaga had her friend Millie Brown (a “professional vomit painter”) stick her finger down her throat and vomit a slimy green substance all over Gaga while she was singing her song “Swine” on the Doritos #BoldStage. After the vomit incident, Gaga continued her performance, despite being covered in puke.

Some of the other songs that Gaga performed during her hour-long set were “Bad Romance,” “Manicure,” and “Applause.” At one point she told people in the audience, “F*** your cell phone. F*** your friends instead!”

Before she performed the song “Dope” on Thursday, she said: “Sometimes, guys, when you’re not yourself it’s so much harder. It’s so much easier to be yourself than it is to be somebody else. When you have to pretend to be somebody else you do things you don’t wanna do. It eats your soul inside and makes you do stupid s–t. I wrote this song for all the things I’m sorry for. I’m so sorry to myself, that I don’t always be myself. But I’m gonna be myself today.”

What do you think of what Millie Brown did during Gaga’s performance, Hot Zoners?

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