Drake Security Guards Too Secure?

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Drake’s security guards have a reputation for going a little too far to keep the Canadian rapper secure. On September 10th it was reported that an envoy guiding Drake through traffic  some heavy traffic had attempted to cut one driver off. That driver, in a Tesla car, recorded the incident, claiming that the security guards for Drake were attempting to drive through the bike lane to get through an intersection and that their antics would have left him stranded in the middle of the intersection when the light turned red.

In the video, the vehicle with Drake inside “is seen bending the corner in a Maybach, while his team follows in Escalades.” The Tesla driver gets into the middle of the pack to try to get through the intersection; he claims he had the right of way in the situation.

“Shortly afterward, one of Drake’s security members gets out of his car and stands in front of the driver’s car, blocking him from proceeding, so Drizzy’s team can get back in place.”

When the Tesla driver tells him he had the right of way, the security guard says “then run me over, bro,” adding, “I’ll take your Tesla.”

Now pop singer Shawn Mendes has told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show that he also had a run-in with Drake’s security team.

“While attending the Weeknd’s show in [Toronto] recently, Mendes says that he saw Drizzy in the V.I.P. area, and when he went to approach him, things took an unexpected turn.”

Mendes, who was also in the V.I.P. section, says that he thought to himself “Oh, that’s Drake. I’ll go say hi. He must remember me from previous experiences like twice.”

The security guards, however, didn’t apparently remember or even recognize Mendes, and apparently roughed him up, thinking he was an over-eager fan just trying to get close to their client. Fortunately, Drake “saved the day.”

“So I go over to touch his side,” Mendes told Fallon, “and his 6’6”, 300 pound security guard…next thing I know I’m in the middle of The Weeknd show with my arm hooked behind my back. Drake’s security guard just has me completely at his mercy. And I’m like, ‘Oh no!’ I see Drake look over, and in my eyes it was like, ‘Please help me. Please, Drake.’ In that moment, if he didn’t remember who I was, I probably would have….i don’t know what I would have done. I would’ve been in jail, yeah.”

Thankfully, Drake recognized him and stepped in before jail could become a real option for anyone.

These are just two lessons for Drake fans, and even fellow celebirties, about how to act (and not act) around the rapper’s security guards.

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