Drew Carey And Craig Ferguson Switch Shows For April Fools Day



Drew Carey and Craig Ferguson have switched shows for April Fool’s Day. Yes, you read correctly. However, CBS does not believe it should go under the April Fool’s Day “prank history” category. According to CBS, the prank has been discussed and promoted for days, therefore, it is not a shock to anyone. Also, the taping of both shows were done way in advance, which was too early to even call the switch an “April Fool’s Day prank”.

CBS isn’t the only one with these views. The Hollywood Reporter stated that “The audiences were surprised during the taping of the shows; Ferguson’s Price is Right on Feb. 10 and Carey’s turn behind the Late Late desk on March 21. Since neither of those were on April 1, calling it a prank is just confusing. As entertainment, this is a great idea. As an April Fool’s prank, it makes no sense”. For future reference, maybe networks should not promote a prank days in advance, and allow the viewers to get blindsided by the unexpected. That would make the prank way more funny.

Feel free to watch the promo video here.

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