From Ebola Costumes To The Ray Rice Costumes, Halloween Costumes Are Getting Bold


Halloween costumes are getting more and more bolder.

Sites like is selling Ebola hazmat suit equipped with a breathing mask and face shield  as well as a “baby pot” outfit and severed heads. Due to the whole Ebola outbreak that is happening, you can assume that there’s a lot of people who will have a problem with it.

Another costume that is under fire are the Ray Rice costumes. There are many people who are dressing up as Ray Rice and using either inflatable dolls or another person as the abused victim. Rice was arrested in February 2014 for beating his then- fiancée and current wife Janay Palmer in an assault that was captured on surveillance video at an Atlantic City hotel. This is bold because most people would think that it’s actually ok to dress up like this. Domestic violence is never ok and this costume will offend a lot of people.

We all know that Halloween is supposed to be fun but some of these costumes out there are just bold. From the Ebola costumes to the Ray Rice costumes, it is safe to say that these costumes are not funny.

Have a Happy Halloween!

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