Ebony Magazine’s November Issue Faces Backlash



The cover for the November Issue of Ebony Magazine is causing quite the stir. The magazine, once a staple in many homes of black families, is facing backlash after making the cover of the November issue a broken family portrait of the Huxtable Family.

Bill Cosby, who was one of the stars of the Cosby Show, has been facing several allegations of sexual misconduct which have tainted his image as a family man. His lawyers have been fervently denying the accusations.

Goldie Taylor, the writer for Ebony magazine’s cover story asks in his piece,”If Bill Cosby is finished, what does that mean for Cliff, and the rest of the tribe called Huxtable?”

The November issue is titled “The Family Issue(s).” Ebony editor in chief  Keirna Mayo told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin that she and her staff wanted to spark a discussion much like what is being done over the cover.

Mayo said in her interview,” When you understand the soul of black America and you understand how important iconography is and you understand how important the image of black family perfection is you realize that there’s no way to do something like this without it being hugely conversational, if not confrontational, and in many cases painful for people.”

Many people were outraged by the cover. One of the comments from one Ebony’s social media posts said,” This cover is disrespectful to yourselves, your readers and the beautiful image of the fictional Cosby family.Magazines articles are to uplift, not desecrate.”

Some people applauded the magazine for the cover. One of the comments that approved of the magazines actions said,” This cover is perfect. You know why? Because it forces us to address the issues that take place behind the picture perfect family.”

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