ESPN Suspends Stephen A. Smith for His Domestic Violence Comments

Photo: Flickr

Photo: Flickr

ESPN decided that they were going to suspend radio host and sportscaster Stephen A. Smith for one week, due to his insensitive comments he made in regards to domestic violence.

The comments Smith made, suggested that women should make sure they don’t do anything to provoke being attacked.

Domestic violence is a very touchy subject, and often over-looked. A lot of people don’t realize the severity of spousal abuse. I’ve heard all sorts of things how it should be between the couple, how it’s no ones business but theirs. Couples get into arguments all the time and things like that happen. Suggesting it’s not a huge deal.

This isn’t a male vs. female thing here. It’s a right vs. wrong issue and neither spouse should have to take abuse in any form of: physical, emotional, verbal or sexual kind.

Now I did watch Smith’s segment in where he made the comments regarding women provoking their spouse. I do see where he was going with it and what his intentions were. I think he was giving an honest opinion and just misspoke. I simply think there’s a fine line when it comes to a subject like this and using certain words like “provoke” raise an eyebrow. Suggesting that a spouse could initiate the abuse is still no excuse.

Smith went on later to apologize for his comments, only after he received some backlash from a fellow ESPN sportscaster on twitter.

He made a mistake, and he acknowledged it, saying it was the most egregious mistake of his career. I agree. I also do enjoy watching Stephen A. and value his opinion, but he left ESPN with no other choice.

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