Floyd Mayweather Insists He’s Better Than Ali And Sugar Ray

Photo Credit: hometownboxer.com

Photo Credit: hometownboxer.com

Floyd Mayweather is undefeated in 47 professional fights, which is probably what has led him to the conclusion he gave during a recent interview.

“No one can ever brainwash me to make me believe that Sugar Ray Robinson and Muhammad Ali were better than me,” the 38-year-old welterweight told ESPN. “But one thing I will do, I’m going to take my hat off to them and respect those guys that paved the way for me to be where I’m at today.”

Ali is often touted as the greatest boxer in the sport’s history, while Robinson is known as the greatest ‘pound-for-pound’ fighter to ever compete, with 173 wins out of 200 matches.

Mayweather and world champion Manny Pacquiao are set to square off in a match in Las Vegas next month, highly anticipated by boxing fans the world over. It may also become the richest fight in history, expected to rake in a whopping $300 million, according to Sky Sports.

Pacquiao doesn’t boast an undefeated record, with five losses, but he has won world titles in six different weights.

Egos are one thing, but the two fighters’ teams can’t seem to agree. With the date of the match rapidly approaching, The Business Insider reports that neither side has signed a contract and tickets still haven’t gone on sale.

The Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight will be streamed live on Sky Sports Box Office from the MGM Grand on May 2.

Who will you be betting on?

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