Former Military Security Guards, Prevent Julia Roberts’ 9.5M Malibu Home From Getting Burglarized

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A male intruder tried to break into the stunning $9.5 million Malibu home of “Pretty Woman” star, Julia Roberts. The incident occurred just a few weeks prior to the tragic suicide of her sister, Nancy Motes. Thankfully he was unsuccessful.

A spokesperson for the Malibu/Lost Hills Police Station told Radar they couldn’t comment on the incident. However, close neighbors of Roberts’, revealed plenty of information about the incident to Radar Online.

According to the witnesses, Roberts’ security team, who are former U.S. military personnel, stopped the intruder from attacking her. They grabbed him and “slam dunked” him, head first, into cactus bushes. A female neighbor stated “It was about 1:00 in the afternoon when 4 sheriff cars came rushing down the road. They were white ones, which means it’s the chief in the area, they’re not messing around. I thought someone had been murdered or there was a fire. By the time I got there, the man was just crawling out of the cactus bush outside her property and the security guards were talking to the police. One of them was an ex-Marine and threw the intruder head first in the cactus. The security told me that it was some crazed stalker guy. He was a brave man for even trying to get in her place, as it’s swarming with her detail and we have the Sheriff’s Department come round every half an hour checking the street”.

According to another neighbor, the intruder was not apprehended by the police. He climbed out of the bushes and ran off, a few minutes before the police arrived. During an interview with Radar Online, she stated “The police didn’t bother to try and catch him. They talked to the security then left”. Another neighbor claimed that ever since the incident, Roberts’ has upgraded her security system. She has ex-US officers guarding her gate inside and out, and installed new cameras which surround the property and the entire road.

Thankfully Roberts’ was not harmed in any way. The exclusive street is home to celebrities such as Sean Penn and Charlie Sheen.

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