Gold Medalist Simone Biles in Viral Wisdom Teeth Video

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I had my wisdom teeth removed when I was 19 or 20, thankfully before the trend of posting videos of yourself drugged up after the common surgery became a “thing.” I came to after my surgery in my mom’s car having no idea how I got there, slept most of the rest of that day and the next, and had several friends tell me I was hitting four buttons for every one I meant to in my text messages.

Simone Biles, famous for leading the US women’s gymnastic team and winning a combined total of 19 gold medals at the 2016 Olympics, turned 20 in March. Biles posted a video of herself Friday at her dentist’s office after having undergone a wisdom teeth extraction and the video has understandably gone viral.

These videos were perhaps spurred into popularity by the early viral sensation “David After Dentist,” showing a young boy after dental surgery; he is anyone of us who has had a confounding and disorienting trip. The videos are relatable and endearing, showing a vulnerable and uninhibited side that many people only reserve for their drunkest moments or closest loved ones, if they show it at all. Somehow, the specific combination of drugs used for these surgeries seems to bring out a unique side in most people that can result in either amnesia or just plain ridiculousness. I remember watching one where a man didn’t remember his wife was his wife, but was really excited to find out she was because she was “so hot.” In another, a teenage boy keeps swearing and yelling with a mischievous grin as his mother alternates between telling him to behave and laughing at his silliness. No matter what happens in these videos, they are undeniably entertaining.

The 4 foot 8 inch Biles posted a portion of a longer video to her Twitter that definitely fits that bill.

In the video, captured by Biles’ sister Adria, Biles can be seen in the dentist’s chair acting as if she’s driving, including making honking noises with her mouth as her head lolls and her eyes roll. Laughter can be heard in the background as well as someone demanding amusedly: “What are you doing?”

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