‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is Back!!! What Happened?

Credit: Morgue File

Credit: Morgue File

Grey’s Anatomy is back at it and it feels like a totally different show, and the same one.

Now, not only was the premiere filled with multiple different emotions revolving around our favorite characters, but, in Shonda Rhimes fashion, the first episode of the 12th season hit some very current social issues.

The premiere’s case involved two girls, who at first, appear to have been accidentally hit by a train on their way to school. The truth later comes out that the girls were actually in love with each other, and when one was about to be sent to an anti-gay camp, the two decided to jump in front of the train together to commit suicide.

Of course, typical Grey’s Anatomy doctors inappropriately (and arguably illegally) intervene, yelling at one of the girls’ mother, even throwing punches. We also saw the immigrant father of the other girl crying, worried about losing his daughter after already having lost his wife (a chord that struck hard after last season).

In the end, the two fathers bonded over their love for their daughters and everyone told off the horrible mother on the show, including her own husband.

And, of course, who could forget the major news of Bailey being the new Chief (finally)! Jo and Alex are doing great, Meredith and Amelia are fighting, Arizona found out some people think her fake leg is fake, Owen and Amelia kissed, and Jackson and April are still a major depressing situation. Did we mention that Owen and Amelia kissed?

So, aside from major character losses, the show is still the same melodramatic goodness we love.

Hopefully, things will be looking up for Grey’s…we can’t take much more heartbreak after last season.

Guess we just have to trust that Shonda will turn things around.

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