Ice Cream Lovers Rejoice! Ben & Jerry’s Introduces New Core Flavors That Will Blow You Away

Photo Credit: Max Straetan from

Photo Credit: Max Straetan from

Ben & Jerry’s announced recently that they’re trying something a little bit odd, but completely fantastic. New “Core” flavors that will ensure you get a bite of everything in that carton with just one scoop.

If you’re like me and can never decide which flavor to get (and then end up buying 5 pints in your indecisiveness) this new idea will solve all your problems. There are three parts to this new pint. On each side are two different flavors and in the middle something delicious like a long strip of fudge or raspberry jam. Just picture with me for a second sliding your spoon across the surface of the ice cream from one side to the other, watching the three flavors cascade into each other with a single curl into the spoon. Nothing sounds more perfect.

The new flavors include Hazed and Confused, which contains a chocolate and hazelnut ice cream with fudge pieces inside on one side, vanilla ice cream on the other side, and a hazelnut fudge in the middle that tastes like gooey Nutella. I know what I’ll be trying first. Second is a chocolate and raspberry ice cream on both sides of the raspberry jam core, appropriately titled That’s My Jam. If you love peanut butter, the third is sure to make your mouth water. Chocolate ice cream infused with peanut butter cups on one side. Peanut butter ice cream with peanut butter cups on the other. Chocolate fudge right down the middle. I know what I’m doing with my Saturday night. Last is the salted caramel, which contains vanilla ice cream mixed with blondie brownie bits on both sides and a salted caramel center.

If there’s anything you can take away from this let it be this piece of advice: get your best spoon, a shirt you don’t mind getting dirty, and $4.39 because the flavors make their debut this month.

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