Jack Antonoff Compares Taylor Swift To Michael Jackson

Photo Credit: THZ Melanie Chima's CD collection

Photo Credit: THZ Melanie Chima’s CD collection

Singer, Jack Antonoff shocked many readers when he stated in a recent interview with GQ magazine, that he believes Taylor Swift is the “Queen of Pop”. He discussed his excitement for his upcoming album Strange Desire and described how much he enjoyed working with the Grammy winning artist in the past. He stated that Taylor is in her own category, and is a better artist than music icons Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. “I think Taylor Swift is one of the best songwriters ever. Taylor Swift is cool, because she’s the closest thing today that hearkens to Michael Jackson — to great, great pop music”. That’s a huge statement to make. Especially since Michael Jackson is notably known as one of the best music artists to ever grace the industry.

This is not the first time Antonoff vocalized his admiration for Swift’s talent. In 2013 he told the Associated Press, that working with Swift made him a better musician. “She’s just like the most incredible writer and singer and performer. She feels completely unaffected by all the stuff happening around her, so working with her was like the most amazing experience…It made me better at what I do just watching her process.”

Swift is a talented artist, obviously. However, to put her on the same pedestal as Michael is an insult. It’s okay to admire someone’s talent but I believe this is a time where brown-nosing has gone too far. No offense to Antonoff.

What do you think hotzoners? Is Taylor Swift better than Lady Gaga and Katy Perry? Is she the “Queen of Pop?”

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