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Beginning in 2014, Flint Michigan has been without clean water. After many claims and issues reported by residents of the area that the water has gotten them sick, local officers still dismissed the problem. Afraid to use tap water to clean their food, the residents took matters into their own hands by spreading the news about their water crisis nationally. On January 5th, 2016 Former President Barak Obama declared it to be in a federal state of emergency.

Although Obama declared for a state of emergency, there was still little to no help from the government. With the problem still rising, Jaden Smith, well known for his Rap and acting career took a step forward to help find a solution and bring clean water to Flint Michigan. He teamed up with First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church to help distribute mobile water filtration systems. His Foundation “Just Water” has created a portable water filtration, which is set to debut it in the Baptist Church in Flint. The First Trinity Missionary Baptist church is well known for having given out as many as 5 million bottles of water since the Water crisis started.

The Water Box, a low-cost portable water device, significantly helped reduce lead and other contaminated content found in flint tap water at a rate of 10 gallons per minutes. Taking the first step towards this project will create a huge impact by eliminating the content of the plastic waste. Both Jaden Smith and Jaron Rothkopf, the engineer that helped build this system, are planning to bring their device to other communities that are in need of clean water. The Water Box System is available to everyone in Flint Michigan who are need of clean water.

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