Jimmy Fallon Is Back On ‘Tonight Show’ With Ten Fingers

Photo Credit:  Abby Lucas

Photo Credit: Abby Lucas

The fact that Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon, has ten fingers may seem obvious, but considering he almost lost one of them two weeks ago, we figured we should reassure you.

In case you were unaware, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon has been playing repeat episodes since June 26 because Fallon was in the hospital with a pretty gruesome injury.

When Fallon returned to the show on Monday, he had a large cast on one arm and he took time to explain exactly what happened.

Apparently, Fallon took a tumble after tripping on a braided rug and his finger didn’t want to go along for the ride.

His wedding ring got caught on a countertop and almost took his finger clean off.

Gross, right? The host explained that it looked like something out of “a cheap horror movie,” considering his finger was sideways after the fall.

Okay, okay, that’s enough of the gory details. However, Fallon’s return has been eagerly awaited. He was in the ICU of a New York City hospital for ten days after having emergency surgery on his finger.

The six-hour procedure successfully took a vein from his foot and attached it to his finger-tissue and fortunately it was successful! If the surgery were not possible, then Fallon would have walked away with only nine fingers.

Like a true comedian, the host is already joking about the situation. He made a comment that since he’s a comedian, he has “to fall funny.”

Ah, how we’ve missed you, Mr. Fallon!

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