John Oliver Launches “Jeff We Can” Campaign Against Tobacco

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John Oliver is one of my favorite people on television, second only to The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart.

During a recent episode of Last Week Tonight, Oliver did a segment about tobacco, specifically the lengths that tobacco companies will go to in order to ensure their products are sold and the health dangers of smoking are ignored.

Oliver concluded with a suggestion to Marlboro, one of the top tobacco companies. He presented Jeff the Diseased Lung, encouraging Marlboro to use it as the mascot for their tobacco campaigns. The point, obviously, is that tobacco companies need to stop pretending that serious health risks do not result from smoking.

It’s sad that we even live in a world where companies can choose such inhumane practices simply because of the billions they can make as a result. Yet, at the same time, I’m glad we have influential people like John Oliver who aren’t living in a bubble of delusion.

Watch Oliver’s segment below and participate in his anti-tobacco campaign on social media with #JeffWeCan.

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