Kelly Ripa Opens Up About Her Approach To Parenting


Kelly Ripa is making headlines for her take on parenting skills. During a recent interview on the Wendy Williams Show, she explained the relationship between herself and her daughter, Lola and why she rather be her “mother” than a “friend”. Like most moms, Kelly has disagreements with Lola. However, she firmly believes in instilling the rule that just because she’s rich, famous, and loved by all doesn’t mean Lola will be able to do whatever she wants when she wants.

Kelly told Wendy “I don’t think she likes me, but I don’t care. I’m like, ‘I’m not your friend, I’m your mom. I just feel an obligation as her mom to keep her living in the real world. I don’t care who you are or what you do, if you’re a mom, you’re a mom.” She was referring to a recent incident when she punished her daughter by revoking her phone and Internet privileges, because she was using her phone when she was supposed to be studying Spanish.

“She broke the rules. I’m like, ‘You’re half-Mexican. Your grandmother is a Spanish teacher. You’re not allowed to fail Spanish. It’s the one thing you’re not allowed to fail!'” Kelly said. “We’re very fair parents and we will give you certain freedoms, but… you can’t have privacy and be on Instagram,” she said. “That’s not how it works.”

I was already a fan of Kelly but this makes me love her even more. So many Hollywood parents are desperately trying to be their child/children’s’ friends instead of being a parent and giving them the proper guidance. Then they have the audacity to wonder why their kids turn out to be failures in life. Kelly setting boundaries between herself and Lola is the epitome of good parenting. Especially since they’re a Hollywood family. It’s very easy for kids to get wrapped up in the “my mom/dad is a star so I can do whatever I want and nobody can stop me” syndrome. We’ve seen how well that works out (i.e Justin Beiber, Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan).

Also young girls looks up to their mother/mother figure in their lives. If all they see growing up is that the role model parties with them or just as much as they do and doesn’t have any care for consequences for their actions, then the result will be the same for the child (if not worse) when they are older. Kelly is right on target with her parenting skills.

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