Kevin Bacon Hilariously Explains The ’80s To Millennials In A Video

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The ’80s had some really cool teen movies, Cabbage Patch Kids, Nintendo, Trapper Keepers, etc..

Kevin Bacon, an ’80s icon, made a hilarious video that explains what life was like in the ’80s to people born after 1985. If you were born after that year “you have no idea how hard life was.” It’s true. People actually had to use something called a card catalog if they wanted to find a book in the library. And forget about DVDs. If you wanted to watch a movie you had to pop in a VHS tape, and *gulp* rewind it after you were done. Or not rewind it, and leave it for someone else to do. Mwuhahaha!

As I was watching the video I was thinking, “How is he keeping a straight face through all this?” I loved when he takes off his sunglasses at the start of the video and then says in a serious tone, “I would like to talk to you about ’80’s awareness.” “Awareness of ’80s culture and technology has been in significant decline,” and it’s up to Bacon to make sure the millennials know what life was like in that decade. Who better than someone who was in the movie Footloose (the original was better than the remake) to make a public service announcement about the ’80s, right?

Love was different back then. You had to actually look through the phone book and call the girl’s number on a landline. Then you had to make small talk with the girl’s mom for 20 minutes, and after all that you would wind up getting rejected by the girl. “There was no OkTwinder” to help you out back then.

For those that “mistakenly” think Russia is a threat now, Bacon has two words for you: Cold War. “You couldn’t even skate to a Blockbuster without getting nuked,” he said.

He also makes a reference to the short attention spans that millennials supposedly have, and he saves the best line for the end of the video: “You people will never know the comfort of parachute pants.”

I have already watched this video eight times, and I think he was the perfect person to do something like this.

If you were born in the ’80s, what was your favorite thing from that decade?


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