Kids Respond to Caitlyn Jenner

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Kids continuously prove how loving, accepting, and forward-thinking they really are. They did that again earlier this week in a video about Caitlyn Jenner. These children were presented with two pictures – one of Bruce Jenner in the 1970s and the other of Caitlyn Jenner very recently. Their reactions were a little surprising, but they’re definitely words to be proud of. It’s what’s so amazing about kids. They have no biases yet. They are speaking completely from their hearts. And they’re never spiteful.

About Bruce Jenner, all the children had to say were things about his arms and how strong they looked. They were equally gracious about Caitlyn Jenner. When they found out that these were pictures of the same person, they naturally had a few questions. One boy asked, “How can a boy turn into a girl?” But nothing was hateful. No one thought Jenner was “weird” or “abnormal.” They saw her for who she is – she’s been a person her whole life.

Also awesome – these children were instantly capable of figuring out which tweets about Jenner were hateful. They knew these words were not kind, even if they didn’t know anything about the topic at hand. One young girl might have put her support best: “Just be who you want to be.”

We have a lot to learn from children. They don’t see the world as a nasty place, like we often do. When you read about Jenner on your Facebook feed today, don’t turn to hate so quickly. Let the kids inspire you. You might smile a little more.

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