Kim Kardashian In Trouble For Piercing North’s Ears

Kim Kardashian: Photo Credit: THZ

Kim Kardashian: Photo Credit: THZ

The whole world seems to be in a frenzy over Kim Kardashian piercing Baby North’s ears. People have been doing this act for years, so why is everyone going crazy over the new Mrs. West doing it? Maybe it’s because of who she is. Kardashian has been put under a microscope and scrutinized since she became famous. Nothing she does is ever right, according to the many opinionated folks in society. When North was only a few months old, they accused her of waxing the baby’s eyebrows because they looked thinner than when she was first born.

This time, social media was buzzing when Kardashian and new husband Kanye West bought North a pair of diamond studs for her freshly pierced ears, on her first birthday. They called the newlyweds cruel and unfit parents. Some even called it child abuse.

I always thought piercing a baby girl’s ears was a common thing in our culture. However, The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends “waiting until a child is old enough to take care of the piercings on their own, and to make sure to use posts with secure backs to prevent choking.”

What do you think about this controversy? Is it cruel to pierce a baby’s ears or is it something that should just be accepted in our society?

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