Kristen Wiig Wins In ‘The Spoils before Dying’

Photo Credit: Morguefile

Photo Credit: Morguefile

We can’t get enough of Kristen Wiig and for good reason. She’s hilarious and talented, and she basically owns the new three-night, six-part comedy event, The Spoils before Dying. The event will air on IFC, as did The Spoils of Babylon (2014), which also starred the Academy Award-nominated Wiig. According to many critics, Wiig is what truly makes the miniseries hilarious, and she doesn’t show up nearly enough. Let’s take a look.

The Spoils before Dying is a “Funny or Die” product. Drunk, overzealous writer Eric Jonrosh (Will Ferrell) introduces the miniseries just like he did with The Spoils of Babylon. This time around, it’s a “lost classic” from 1959, based on a novel Jonrosh wrote when he was highly under the influence. Oh, boy. The character mentions that he wrote a story so outrageous, “it violated 80 obscenity laws in 30 states.” If that doesn’t get you wanting to watch, maybe a summary will.

It’s a parody of a noir film, and it’s all about jazz musician, Rock Banyon (Michael Kenneth Williams, Boardwalk Empire). The cops name him the number one suspect after his girlfriend, Fresno Foxglove (Maya Rudolph, Saturday Night Live) is found dead. Rock tries to prove his innocence with a little help from singer Dolores DeWinter (Wiig) and manager Barnaby St. Bixby-Jones (Haley Joel Osment, Academy Award-nominated actor for The Sixth Sense). Sounds too quirky to pass up, right? If you’re still not sold, we’ll tell you about the cameos.

Ferrell, who produced Spoils, integrated some supporting, cameo roles for his SNL friends. Jimmy Fallon is a cop who warns kids to stay away from drugs, drinking the entire time he gives the spiel. Tim Meadows is an obsessive coroner. Kate McKinnon is a burnout with a hefty, sexual history. Chris Parnell pushes drugs, but he’s, like, really nice about it. And Molly Shannon is a bartender who pours drinks so slowly, it’s like she’s the living embodiment of Savannah, Georgia. Sounds like fun to us!

But Wiig’s performance is, according to critics, the best. She’s wacky as usual, and she is always hungry in times of trouble. Also, she has a really hard time taking care of her feline friends. Don’t worry, animal lovers – the cat is played by a stuffed toy.

We can’t wait to see Wiig and everyone else in this new miniseries!

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