Lady Gaga Stops Fans From Fighting During Her Concert

Photo Credit: Zana Najjar/THZ

Photo Credit: Zana Najjar/THZ

Lady Gaga told her “Monsters” off.

While performing on her ArtRave: The ArtPop Ball Tour in Antwerp this week, she stopped a fight between two fans who were getting gaga over a costume piece the singer threw in the crowd-Eonline.

After tossing her jacket into the crowd, a few fans grabbed after the costume piece in attempt to make it their own keepsake.

But, Lady Gaga was not having it.

Gaga shouted out to the fans after seeing the dispute, saying, “Careful. Don’t Fight.”

As the fans continued to fight the singer sternly said, “Hey, hey. Give it back.” Of course the jacket was returned to her. Gaga tossed the jacket onto one of her backup dancers and said, “If you’re going to fight, you don’t get to keep it.”

She continued, “Here we practice love.”

“And don’t worry, I still love you,” she said while blowing them all a kiss.

Gaga stopped a fight, gave love to her fans and sang for a sold- out venue; Now thats what we call a fabulous monster.

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