Lauryn Hill: Talented Misunderstood & Tardy

Photo Credit: Zana Najjar/THZ

Photo Credit: Zana Najjar/THZ

Lauryn Hill, an East Orange, New Jersey native obviously rustled some feathers as her fans waited a reported two hours for her to hit the stage in Atlanta, Georgia. The sound crew cut her mic off due to Chastain Park Amphitheatre’s strict curfew of 11pm. Yikes!!! Blaming her lateness on her driver saying, “…my driver got lost, I cant control that…” is all the restless fans had to go on. The crowd still sung along with Lauryn to “Mystery of Iniquity” “Everything is Everything” and “Ex-Factor.” While Hill’s short time on the stage was everything the crowd hoped for, that is what made it so painful when the three hour concert that got cut to 40 minutes ended. The mixture of Lauryns creativity artistry in her writing to her immaculate toned voice, is a musical treasure we have long been deprived of. With all of that legacy she now is being remembered for being late to her shows. Not a good look for the soul Princess. Not to mention along with her solo album “The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill” in 1998, 18 years later her fans are thirsty for her musical creativity.

I can see why her fans were a little testy, but hell you waited 18 years since her last album….what’s two-hours more? A fan, or whatever you want to call him at this point, went in on her as she was greeting fans. Lauryn Hill the free-spirit that she is explained in a very calm tone that her driver was lost all while still shaking the hands of her fans of the ones who didn’t care that she was late, just that she, Lauryn Hill was finally there. Screaming “I love yous”, and one fan telling she was “Great and not to let anyone tell her any different.” Watch video here: Fan Goes In On Lauren For Being Late

After not showing up on time to the 2016 Grammy’s to perform solo, the songstress made it in time to perform with singer The Weekend which made up for her lateness as far as the crowd was concerned. The representative for Record Academy told ET, “she failed to show up in time to perform.” Her team claims the show was “without approval” and she had been on tour all week and had no time to prepare for such a show, so it should have been confirmed better in other words.

Lauryn, age 40 is the mother of six children four boys and two girls, having five of her children with Rohan Marley, son of Reggae legend Bob Marley. Lauryn Hill  who is most infamously known for being the only female of the 90’s rap group 20 years ago, The Fugees with Wyclef Jean and Pras Michel on their hit album “The Score” that changed the sound of Hip-Hop forever. She also if you remember was the center of an IRS scandal where she plead guilty to tax evasion  and spent three months incarcerated.

Lauryn Hill was ordered to pay $500,00 within two weeks when she failed to do so after saying the amount was excessive being as how she withdrew herself from the society because of alleged “threats to her family.” The “Illuminati” was reportedly harassing the singer because she didnt want to make the music they wanted her to make, she wanted to sing truth. Her song “I Get Out” is enough said. I’m still hooked on the performance she did in 2001 in NYC at MTV’s UnPlugged special which turned her performance into an album. Watch the video here: Lauryn Hill: UnPlugged 2.0 MTV 2001

Lauryn Hill is scheduled to be in Atlantic City on May 13, 2016.




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