Lee Daniels Thinks Mo’Nique’s Blackballing Was Her Fault

Photo Credit: morguefile.com

Photo Credit: morguefile.com

I have a feeling this may turn into an all-out verbal brawl.

Last week, Mo’Nique said that she was blackballed for years after her Oscar win for Precious and it was Empire creator Lee Daniels who brought this to her attention.

Daniels recently told the Hollywood Reporter that Mo’Nique made some demands during the filming of that movie which “soured her relationship with the Hollywood community.”

He has since expanded on those comments, going into more detail in an interview on CNN with Don Lemon.

“You have to thank the producers of the film, you have to thank the studio, and she didn’t understand that. People aren’t going to respond well. I love her, I’ve spoken to her. She’s brilliant, and I love working with brilliant people, but sometimes artists get in their own way” Daniels said. “I think that there were demands that were made on the Precious campaign that everyone knows hurt her. I told her that. You’ve gotta play ball. This is not just show — it’s show business.”

When the term “sell-out” comes up later on, Daniels remains unapologetic. People can label him that if they so choose, he says.

“I guess I’m a sell out then! Call it what it is. I am not going to not work, I am not going to not tell my truth…I’ll see you in the theaters!” he said with a laugh.

Check out the entire CNN interview below.

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