Lindsay Lohan and Jimmy Fallon Have A Water War

Photo Credit: Abby Lucas

Photo Credit: Abby Lucas

You never know what craziness is going to happen on the Jimmy Fallon show. Which we must admit, is the exact reason we tune in every night. Last night, Lindsay Lohan stopped by the Tonight Show, for what I thought would be a regular interview and promo segment for her new reality show premiering March 9th on the OWN Network. Wrong! At the beginning of the interview, Fallon asked Lohan questions regarding her feelings working with the OWN network, Oprah, and her overall opinion of the possible outcome of the show. She replied “I have seen nothing. It is really interesting as I kept hearing my name on trailers and I get really uncomfortable with it. It is a television show so they want ratings. They picked the first two months after I got back to New York after I had been in treatment”. After stating what seemed like a subliminal ‘dig’ at Oprah and the OWN network, Lohan recanted and claimed she felt very lucky to work with someone of such caliber and is very thankful for the opportunity.

As the show progressed, Fallon decided to ask Lohan to participate in a full out water war/card game. The rules were simple. “Each player picks a card from the deck. Whoever gets the lowest card must have a glass of water thrown in their face. After emptying 5 glasses, whoever has the least amount of water thrown on them, gets to use a toy water cannon and soak the other opponent”. Lohan won and took full advantage, showing Fallon no mercy! Fallon yelled out “Why is this happening?” Lohan, laughing heartily, replied ” Because I have OWN on my side”. Sounds hilarious doesn’t it? Well it was. Watch the water war HERE.

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