Local Man Bends New iPhone 6, Leg Catches On Fire

Photo Credit: Morguefile.com

Photo Credit: Morguefile.com

To all those who have a new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, here’s a tip: Don’t bend it.

Phillip Lechter of Tuscon, Arizona learned that the hard way. Lechter and his family were riding in a rickshaw, when it hit a trolley track in the road. Lechter said the impact sent him into the side of the metal rickshaw. With his iPhone 6 in his front pocket, he noticed that his leg was on fire. A local spectator poured a cup of water to put out the fire. Once the fire was out, he took out his iPhone and threw it on the ground. He says his iPhone 6 bent so much in his pocket that it punctured the battery, an event that can result in a fire, which it did.

He said that he experienced a pretty significant burn on his leg. As you all know, the new iPhone has been under fire for its product. First you have “Bendgate” where your phone bends whenever you put your phone in your pants pocket. Then there was “BeardGate” where pieces of your facial hair or head hair is ripped out of your skin every time you make a phone call. Now it’s “FireGate.”

Apple decline to comment on the matter.

See the aftermath of the iPhone in the video below:

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