Louis Tomlinson Rips Liam Payne’s Shirt Open At One Direction Concert in Minneapolis

Photo Credit: Sarah DeLuca/THZ Photo Library

Photo Credit: Sarah DeLuca/THZ Photo Library

Thank you, Louis Tomlinson!

That is all any One Direction fan is saying today, as a video from the boyband’s concert on Sunday has been circulating the Internet.

‘What is in this video?’ you may ask. Well, let us be the first to tell you: Louis Tomlinson decided to rip Liam Payne’s button down shirt completely open during the band’s encore.

Yes! Right before the band performed their single “Best Song Ever” to end their Minneapolis gig, Louis Tomlinson yanked on Payne’s shirt so hard, that he could not re-button it again (not that we’re complaining)!

Between Liam’s impromptu runway strut and Louis’ consistent teasing, we were too busy basking in the One-Direction-Fantasy-Come-True to even worry about the poor state of Liam’s shredded navy blue shirt.

Also, fans were glad that Liam was back to being body-confident after receiving some criticism on his weight a few months ago.

He publically posted his BMI on Instagram at that point to show that he was not even close to being overweight, but sources report that he really took the harsh comments to heart.

However, after reportedly working to get back his “muscly” figure with his workout buddy and girlfriend, Sophia Smith, it looks like Mr. Payne is done worrying about the haters.

You go, Liam!

You can see the glorious moment for yourself at the beginning of the video, below! At around 25-seconds, you can see Tomlinson admiring his own strength for ripping the shirt as a confused Liam tries (and fails) to re-button the article of clothing.

Then Payne actually walks shirtless down the runway. Check it out!

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