Mayweather to take on Japanese kickboxing sensation Tenshin Nasukawa

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Floyd Mayweather had come out previously from his retirement to bout with Conor McGregor in 2017 and it looks like this year he is set to do the same thing as well by facing Japanese kickboxing sensation Tenshin Nasukawa. This year the MMA promoters from Japan, Rizin have offered Mayweather big money for the fight. However, this fight has been tabbed as exhibition as opposed one that is licensed, thus putting the risk of losing his undefeated record at bay.

This is a big fight for the pay-per-view audience, but speculations have been looming and could there be a possibility for another Mayweather money fight? According to rumors, it is possible that the celebrity boxer might take on Manny Pacquiao who he had fought in the 2015, again this year. Mayweather is definitely one who likes to stay in the limelight and retirement is clearly not his style. He had even gone to announce that there could be the possibility of a bigger fight later this year through his Instagram account and the Pac Man’s video with the caption “50-1” definitely could instigate this into actually happening.


Misunderstanding in the Mayweather camp

On November 5th the Japanese promoter Rizin had declared the bout to take place. After two days Mayweather stated that he heard of the kickboxer the first time that week. The five-time former champion even retracted from the fight initially, stating that the promoters had tricked him into assenting to a licensed match as opposed to one that was an exhibition.

A large press conference had taken place for the fight and from it Mayweather was of the impression that Rizin was trying to take advantage of him and his people. However, later on it appeared that there was some misunderstanding amongst the parties which was later clarified, and he agreed to the fight, which he said would only be an exhibition boxing match. This would imply that even a loss would not affect his unbeaten streak.

Rules of the match

As per an interview, Mayweather expressed that the bout would be rigidly as per boxing regulations. This implies that Tenshin will not be permitted to kick or use any kickboxing or mixed martial arts moves.

The match will last for a period totaling to nine minutes. This will further be divided into three rounds comprising of three minutes each. The match would only be for exhibition, and would not affect his previous flawless winning streak. As per calculations, this might possibly the highest paying exhibition fight till date.


Who is the challenger?

The unbeaten American boxing champion expanded his tally of victories to 50 after a triumph over celebrity UFC fighter Conor McGregor in a match which brought him earnings which are estimated to be 300 million dollars. Now he is taking on another challenger from outside the domain of competitive boxing and this time it is the 20-year-old Japanese kick boxer, albeit for a lesser sum.

The young kick boxer is the current reigning champion in the featherweight category in RISE kickboxing. He was also previously the bantamweight champion in this league. So far his record has been one that is quite pristine, with no losses in 27 fights. Moreover, he even excels in the mixed martial arts rules wherein he is undefeated in 4 matches.

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