Michael Keaton Doesn’t Care About Batman Movies

PHOTO: Morgue File

PHOTO: Morgue File.

Michael Keaton originated the role of Batman in 1992.He doesn’t follow it now.

In an interview, Michael Keaton stated that he does not follow the current Batman franchise. He stated that “Chris Nolan is great, but I’ve never seen any of the Batman movies all the way through, I know they’re good. I just have zero interest in those kinds of movies.”

Keaton also stated that he didn’t even seen the Batman Returns in it’s completed form and that was 22 years ago. If you ask him about what is his feelings on Ben Affleck playing his role. He stated that “I mean, people are asking me, ‘Is Ben Affleck going to be any good?’ And my attitude is, First of all, why would you ask me?” he said to EW. “Second, he’s probably going to be very good, and third, frankly, it’s all set up now so that you’re weirdly kind of safe. Once you get in those suits, they really know what to do with you. It was hard then; it ain’t that hard now.”

Well Played Michael!

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