Miss America Betty Cantrell Defends Miss Colorado in Nurse Controversy

Photo Credit: Grafixar/ www.morguefile.com

Photo Credit: Grafixar/ www.morguefile.com

Here’s the latest in T.V. talk show drama…

The hosts of The View were recently under fire for criticizing Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson’s nurse monologue during the talent portion of Miss America.

After the episode aired, the hashtag #NursesUnite started trending on social media in outrage.

The hosts who made the remarks, Michelle Collins and Joy Behar did apologize on the show. Collins stated “we love nurses” and Behar insisted that her words were “stupid and inattentive.”

Despite the smoothed over ground on The View’s part, companies like Johnson & Johnson and Eggland’s Best have pulled their advertisements off of the show’s airtime.

Miss America Betty Cantrell defended fellow pageant contestant Miss Colorado to E! News, on Thursday.

“I’m really proud of Kelley…and I’m really proud of her taking the talent portion to speak about what she’s passionate about and what’s important to her,” Cantrell told E!. “And she is a nurse, and she’s very passionate about it, and I’m really happy that she told a story like that on the Miss America stage on national television to help people appreciate nurses and what they do for us…I’m proud of Kelley and I say props to her.“

Cantell also expressed her disappointment in the way The View hosts mocked her friend and second runner up.

“I think it’s a little bit ridiculous, I think that people just kind of look for things to make fun of,” she said. “And it really doesn’t matter what she would have done, people would’ve found a way to make fun of it. And I think that all the girls in the competition felt that, not just Kelley. Everybody’s been picked on a little bit…you know, no matter what I do, somebody’s going to find something wrong with it. She’s a nurse, and I think she tried to portray that as best she could.”

Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to defend her monologue, and admitted to Ellen that many people urged her to choose another talent.

“It’s very unique, but I am a nurse. And that’s my talent, taking care of people and caring about other people,” she said on the show. “And so I wanted to give the nurses that don’t have that voice and that recognition of just somebody going up there and just being a little bit different and unique. And I talked about a patient that I took care of who had Alzheimer’s—and I know that that hits home for a lot of people and it’s not something that’s really easy for people to talk about—and I thought, “You know, I want to go up there and I want to be authentic. I want to be Keller. And if I’m ever going to win Miss America I want to do it being myself.’ And I’m a nurse!”

“To see it trend on Facebook and Twitter, especially to bring all these nurses together and have everybody standing up for our profession and giving them the voice that they deserve—they work so hard and they are life savers—that’s all the message I wanted to give. It’s about them; it’s not about me,” Johnson continued.

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