MTV Movie Awards Recap

PHOTO: Morgue File

PHOTO: Morgue File

If you were watching last night’s MTV Movie Awards, then you probably got an eye full of Efron. If you weren’t…you really didn’t miss much. This year’s awards were kind of boring, in our humble opinion. At least there were a few memorable moments.

Zac Efron seemed to steal the show. Despite only having won one award, cameras were constantly focused on him–and I don’t blame them he was looking good. He presented the award for best kiss with Seth Rogen and Dave Franco. One lucky lady got a kiss (or a few) from him, but it was when he won “Best Shirtless Performance” that things got interesting. Presenter Rita Ora ran up from behind him and ripped his shirt open, which is when he just took the whole thing off and threw it on the ground. I think I speak for mostly everyone when I say, thank you, Rita.

Mila Kunis won the award for “Best Villain” and made sure to note that she was the only female nominated, and she still beat everyone in the traditionally male-dominated category. She was also glowing, looking very good and healthy with her tiny baby bump in tow.

Musical performances were great. Twenty-One Pilots put on an awesomely creepy show with the audience all wearing the same ski masks and standing still, but then all taking them off and waving them in the air together. That was cool. Ellie Goulding looked amazing in that gold and white dress, and her vocal abilities never seize to amaze me. Rihanna and Eminem took the stage and were great together, as usual. Rihanna looked like she had a tiny, little baby bump amid all the rumors, but maybe not.

Channing Tatum reminded us of just how good looking he is. The “Trailblazer Award” was given to him by Jonah Hill, who gave a great and funny speech about how hard it must be to become an actor in Hollywood when you are as gorgeous as Tatum is. The two have starred in 21 Jump Street together and have 22 Jump Street coming out soon. Channing made a cute speech and looked completely nervous, wondering if he was being Punk’d.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire won “Best Movie of the Year” and I don’t think anyone else was expecting any other outcome. Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson won lead male and female actor/actress awards. In Hutcherson’s speech for Movie of the Year, he thanked Phillip Seymour Hoffman and gave tribute to him. “It was so cool to have Philip in our movies. He’s one of the actors I’ve looked up to my entire life. I know if Philip were here he would think this was really cool.” He then added, “We think about him every day on set, so wherever he is, this goes out to him, too.”

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