Natasha Lyonne Can Wear Whatever She Wants

photo credit: perez/

photo credit: perez/

Put up that little, black screen and attend the tale. It’s TV Nerd Confession Time. I’ve never seen Orange Is the New Black, and I don’t even know if I plan to. But here’s what I know. I really, really like and respect what the Netflix series (season three is on Netflix today, June 12, by the way) is doing for diversity in television. I also really like what it’s doing for female leads and supporting characters – making them into people and not just female characters. Part of that is definitely thanks to the obviously talented performers the show has hired, among them Natasha Lyonne. She plays recurring character Nicky Nichols, and her performance got her a Primetime Emmy Award nomination in 2014.

So why in the world are we so focused on what she wears?

It happened like it always does. I was looking for the next story, and I came across this one. Lyonne was the subject on the show, Timeless, Time Warp, or Time to Hide, where she talked about her fashion sense. Apparently, most people think it’s a joke. While it is, admittedly, non-traditional, should it really be the focus when it comes to this actor?

No, it probably shouldn’t be. When you see the photo of Lyonne in this one, Emilio Pucci dress that belonged to her grandmother, why should you judge her? She can wear what she wants, just like you can wear what you want. The difference here is Lyonne is often in the public eye for a professional career, but that career is being sideswiped for comments on her clothes. Who cares if she was wearing a dress made from a blue, terry cloth towel from my bathroom in the 90s? She has an Emmy nomination because she’s gifted. Can’t we at least try a little to remember that?

As a culture of human beings, fashion and appearance are important to us. I get that. But when we let it eclipse our sense of talent and accomplishment, what’s really the problem? A woman wearing her grandmother’s dress? No, probably not.

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One Response to Natasha Lyonne Can Wear Whatever She Wants

  1. Debra says:

    Great article! Loved the opinion voiced, as it is, and should be thought provoking to attempt to understand how something as trivial as fashion gets “top billing”. Seriously, remember some of Johnny Depps “fashion statements” throughout the years? In this case, the focus remained on the actor, and his abilities, as it should be.

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