New “West Coast” Single From Lana Del Rey

Photo Credit: hotblack from

Photo Credit: hotblack from

In February we found out that Lana Del Rey was working on her fourth studio album, Ultraviolence. We were also told that she was working on it with The Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach.

This was surprising considering what he had said when asked about her in 2012. “On some level, we’ve seen that Lana Del Rey thing since we first started,” he told MTV. “All of a sudden this new band would be headlining festivals and we’re like, ‘Wait, how did they get that?’ We’ve been here for two, three, four, five years and we’re still working our way up. But then they’re gone. Just as quickly as they get up there, they disappear.” Bandmate Patrick Carney added that they, “feel bad” for artists like her.

But now here they are, working to make sure she continues to make music. So, what changed? It may be the simple fact that she hasn’t disappeared. Lana Del Rey has a loyal fan base that is incredibly dedicated to her music. Outside of that fandom there are others, too, who may not be so invested but still enjoy listening to her music. She is not an artist who accepted the fact that people expected her to fade into the dark.

The Black Keys’ influence is clear in her new song, as it has the same synthesized sound but with Lana’s illustrious voice. A new twist to her classic sound.

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