NFL Wives Speak Out On Domestic Violence

Photo Credit: Flickr

Photo Credit: Flickr

Over the past couple of months, domestic violence has become a prevalent issue in the National Football League. Until now, we had not really heard the wives of NFL players speak out on this issue and many suspected that the NFL was covering up more cases. This has become the usual trend when it comes to big scandals unraveling: Once one or two cases are revealed, then all resources are poured in to investigate that issue, but very little is usually done before to prevent these problems from ever happening.

The Washington Post reports that two ex-NFL wives talked to them about their abusive relationships and were pressured to keep it quiet. Per the Washington Post, former NFL wife Dewan Smith-Williams said, “We’ve told agents about it, called the NFL Players Association when things were really, really bad. They would say, ‘Oh, we’re really sorry that you are going through this. We’ll look into it.’ But you never heard back. There’s no one available for the wives.”

The other former NFL wife who chose to remain anonymous said to the Washington Post, “You get brainwashed. It’s so ingrained that you protect the player, you just stay quiet. You learn your role is to be the supportive NFL wife.” Otherwise, she says, “You’d cost him his job.”

All this just confirms the public perception of the NFL. That it is a selfish business entity whose main purpose is to generate as much profit as possible at the cost of anyone that gets in the way. Regardless of all this, when it comes to Sunday, all of this will be forgotten and our society will go back to watching non-stop football because that is just the way it is. All we can do is hope that the past will help change the future for the better.

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