Nick Jonas Calls Out CrossFit After They Tweet About Diabetes

Photo Credit: MarcoMaru from

Photo Credit: MarcoMaru from

The tension is high on Twitter these days.

Nick Jonas, who is not only a diabetes patient but also an advocate for the disease, is not pleased with CrossFit’s recent twitter activity.

The fitness company tweeted out a photo of a fake Coke advertisement that read “Open Diabetes,” along with the caption “Make sure you pour some out for your dead homies.”

Not exactly ranking high on the sensitivity scale, CrossFit.

Jonas, in seeing the tweet, reprimanded the brand for their ignorance.

“This is not cool. Please know and understand the difference between type one and type two diabetes before making ignorant comments,” the 22-year-old musician tweeted. “Sensitivity to all diseases, and proper education on the cause and day to day battle is important.”

Following Jonas’ response, CrossFit took to social media to defend their Twitter post, “Please know that when we point to big-soda products causing diabetes, we are referring to Type 2 diabetes. We want to be transparent concerning our efforts to spread awareness about what’s causing the 95 percent of U.S. adult Type 2 diabetes cases and how Type 1 diabetics can avoid developing Type 2 diabetes. Our Coca-Cola parody on Twitter is meant to mock a company that disorts health science by funding nearly all of the organizations we expect to protect us from disease. The link between sugar and Type 2 diabetes is undeniable. We want to speak plainly in delivering a message we hope helps to save the lives of millions worldwide.”

Although the company tried to clear up their intentions, many commenters were upset by their failure to apologize for the post. One commentator wrote, “How about this: We apologize for giving misleading and incorrect statements about diabetes. We also apologize for making a joke about death and a serious disease.”

CrossFit’s Coca-Cola post remains on Twitter and the company continues to appear unapologetic for it.



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