Nik Wallenda Defies The Odds Again, Conquers Chicago High Wire



Nik Wallenda has done it again. This time blindly.

Last night, Wallenda done the impossible by walking 93 feet across a tightrope 558 feet above ground while blindfolded after walking 200 yards from one skyscraper to another in Chicago. Last year, he went tightroping over the Grand Canyon. When reaching the other side of the building, he stated “Praise God. Thank you Jesus.”

Thousands of people on the Chicago streets below were on hand as Wallenda cross the dangerous tightrope in-between the skyscrapers. Some people were afraid that he will fall to his death while others though he would make it.

The blindfolded walk was definitely more intense and more difficult for Wallenda than the longer uphill walk, performed in 44-degree weather with only a little bit of wind. One false step and disaster will ensue. When asked about how he felt on the tightrope, Wallenda says that “When you walk to the edge of a building and look down 600 feet and say I’m going to do this blindfolded and there’s wind but even though the wind was light, and praise God for that still there’s wind. Even hearing that, it’s extremely intimidating.”

Wallenda is already planning his next tightrope act. He said that he wants to do a handstand on a tightrope between two skyscrapers in honor of his great-grandfather.

Wallenda, a married father of three, now holds nine Guinness World Records for various high-wire and acrobatic feats. He signed a contract with Discovery Channel in 2012 for near-exclusive broadcast rights for his stunts.

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