Paris Hilton Victim of Prank Plane Crash

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Say what you want about Paris Hilton’s music career, but we can all agree that nobody deserves to think they’re about to die in a plane crash when they’re innocent. The socialite was the victim of a plane crash prank as part of a strangely realistic gag for an Egyptian reality show. Can you say, “Yikes?”

Hilton was attending the opening of a hotel in Dubai, and the show’s hosts talked her into an airplane tour of the city. She went along with it, apparently clueless to the fact that her pilot was a stuntman, and the other passengers were merely actors. All were in on a stunt that would scare the peanut butter and jelly out of Hilton in just a few, short moments.

The plane was going down. The actors pretended to panic. At least one of them jumped out of the plane – probably a professional skydiver. Hilton was crying phrases like, “What’s happening?” and “Why can’t we land?” No one did anything to soothe the terror she was feeling. Suddenly, the plane landed… and safely.

Hilton quickly found out she was the victim of a prank show stunt, and she cried. The host begged her forgiveness, but Hilton still wept. She turned to the host and said, “I’m going to kill you! You’ve been pretending the whole time?” Sounds like normal, Hilton to us.

Apparently, this was the worst trick ever to play on the former Simple Life star. She has a huge fear of flying and dying in a plane crash, and she really did think she was about to die during the prank. Poor Hilton!


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One Response to Paris Hilton Victim of Prank Plane Crash

  1. Debra says:

    I do not care for Paris Hilton, however; this is simply an unacceptable needless stunt! REAL plane pilots would not sucomb to pressiure to put a plane into a dive for “fun”…9 souls just parished on a tour plane over the weekend, it’s nothing to play around with!

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