Popular Music Festivals Ban Selfie Sticks

Photo Credit: red5.co.uk

Photo Credit: red5.co.uk

Sorry, you’ll have to struggle with your regular ol’ smartphone at Chicago’s Lollapalooza and California’s Coachella this year to get that perfect selfie.

Selfie sticks are a growing trend, especially when it comes to sightseeing tourists and festival-goers. For many, it’s much easier to capture a photo of themselves and friends while simultaneously showing off whatever they happen to be standing in front of.

On Coachella’s Rules and Policies page this year? “No Selfie Sticks/Narcisstics.”

The sticks are also prohibited on Lollapalooza’s page, along with monopods.

Spokespeople for the festivals wouldn’t comment on their rules but, when asked by a concert-goer why selfie sticks were banned, the official Lollapalooza Twitter page sent her this reply:

These aren’t the first to ban the devices, according to Huffington Post. Ultra Music Festival, held in Miami last weekend, didn’t allow them either.

Museums have already enacted the ban, fearing for the art and other peoples’ safety.

Wayne Fromm was the first to patent the selfie stick; he created the Quik Pod. He agrees with the measures being taken.

“Intentionally or not, there is a danger to other people in crowded places,” the creator told The Associated Press.

In contrast, Selfie on a Stick CEO Jacqueline Verdier thinks festival-goers are being deprived.

“I think it’s really doing a bit of disservice to the attendees. They’re not going to be able to capture the same memories,” she said.

Considering the crowds associated with these events, I think it’s best for everyone involved if the sticks are prohibited. Phones alone are a distraction at concerts and they haven’t banned those yet, so just live in the moment.

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