Researchers Create Aluminum Battery That Charges In A Minute

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Well, technology addicts, one of your dreams may be coming true.

Everyone knows the struggle of a smartphone that does absolutely everything under the sun–with pitiful battery life.

A team of Stanford University researchers have created an aluminum-ion battery prototype, according to Mashable. Its combination of an aluminum anode and a graphite cathode would allow for adequate voltage, even after the device has been recharged thousands of times, eliminating the main problem aluminum batteries present.

Aluminum is cheaper than lithium, the material that batteries are made of now. The aluminum battery can be bent to fit snugly into different devices, and they don’t present the flammable danger that lithium does. Significant damage can be done to the battery while it’s in use without it bursting into flames.

Possibly its most amazing trait? The battery recharges in only a minute.

“Our battery has everything else you’d dream that a battery should have: inexpensive electrodes, good safety, high-speed charging, flexibility, and long cycle life. I see this as a new battery in its early days. It’s quite exciting,” Stanford chemistry professor Hongjie Dai said.

The one issue the aluminum battery faces right now is that its voltage offering is still lower than the average smartphone, but researchers believe that improvements in the cathode may change that.

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