Russell Brand Threatened With Arrest While Filming Outside Fox News Headquarters

tvRussell Brand and his shenanigans almost get him arrested.

He attempted to film outside the Fox News headquarters in New York City. A  security officer told Brand to leave and said “Do you want to get arrested?”

So why was Brand there in the first place? He stated his reasons on video:  “Here we are at Fox’s headquarters, all the greats are here – Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity – all the people who refuse to have us on the show. Sean Hannity, who booked us and then cancelled us. So we are going to do a Trew special from here, in the heart of the establishment.”

The guard claims, gesturing at the pavement, “You can’t film here, this is private property.”

When the guard attempted to escort Brand and his camera crew from the building, Brand asked him who owns the building. The guard responded: “It doesn’t matter, do you want to get arrested?”

VBrand, staying true to nature, didn’t give up so easily. Later he entered the lobby of the building, filmed from outside, and was told by an off-screen employee: “You can’t stay on the property and film anything.”

Brand sarcastically told the guards: “I would love a tour. Can I come up, have a look around, maybe have a look at the studio, touch some stuff, meet some people from The Sean Hannity Show?”

He ended the film by saying Fox news is a difficult organization to work with.

Watch Brand’s failed attempt here:

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