Scandal Season Premiere: Top Three Moments

Photo Credit: pablogv2004 from

Photo Credit: pablogv2004 from

The Scandal season premiere was yesterday just in case you didn’t know.

Scandal, which is the most highly anticipated show of the fall, debut to big numbers. There was a lot of surprises and jaw dropping moments. Here are the top three moments of the season premiere:

3. The Destination Of Oliva Pope is Finally Revealed Last season finale, fans was left with a cliffhanger seeing Oliva board a plane to some unknown destination. Turns out it was going to a tropical paradise 100 miles off the coast of Zanzibar. She was with Captain Jake Ballard. She was under the name “Julia Baker. ”

2. The Encounter Between Oliva and Fitz- Oliva decided to stay in Washington and in one scene her and Fitz are in the same courtroom. They both give each other looks and the camera zooms towards their hands, we can see Fitz trying to touch Oliva.

1.The Relationship Between Fitz and his Wife The relationship between Fitz and his wife has been very rocky to say the least. They went to visit their son’s grave as the wife looks up at the sky with a vacant expression on her face. Later on in the show, it is revealed that Fitz attempted to commit suicide after the death of his son and the disappearance of Oliva.

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