Scarlett Johansson Is Sick Of Being Sexy

In Hollywood, sexiness is one of the many attributes you have to have in order to remain relevant. It’s sad…but true. Not only is it mandatory, but it’s also a necessity if you want to flourish in Tinseltown.

Well Scarlett Johansson is sick of portraying that role. She said, “I don’t want to be the ingenue anymore. That part, I’m happy about it. It’s nice to be glamorous, but I don’t want to always have to be trendy and glamorous and an object of desire. I don’t want to be stuck in that forever, because it doesn’t last.”

It’s ironic because Johansson is mostly known as a sex symbol with her voluptuous body and her exotic beauty. She has made her successful career based on being a great actress and playing sexy characters. So if she doesn’t want to be sexy anymore, then what kind of career is she going to have?

Johansson isn’t worried about any of that right now. She is “very pregnant” according to her singing partner, Pete Yorn, and is looking forward to being a mother.

Will she be able to balance motherhood and a career? Johansson thinks so. She admitted to being selfish when it comes to “wanting it all.”

Do you think the sexy actress can have it all?

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